Point Quiet - Walking in the Wild

Four years after presenting ‘Ways and Needs of a Night Horse’, an album met with great enthusiasm by press and audiences, the Dutch band Point Quiet publishes ‘Walking in the Wild’. It has been worth the wait.

Love, loss, the connections we engage in as we wander through life, are all residing in the work of Pascal Hallibert, just as they have always done. In addition, whereas the members of this group have found new ways to express themselves within the songs, their new recordings seem to breathe even more togetherness, exposing a fellowship that lies at the root of Point Quiets music and is felt in their live performances. A true, common joy in crafting their songs as pieces of art, shaping them into reflections of life itself.

To present their new music, the band will start touring from March 2019.

Walking in the Wild will be available on CD and on full length vinyl album.

Point Quiet is Pascal Hallibert, Hans Custers, Simone Manuputty, Jan van Bijnen and Joost Verbraak.


  • Alma (EP, as White Sands)
  • 2007 Deseronto (as White Sands)
  • 2011 Point Quiet
  • 2015 Ways And Needs Of A Night Horse
  • 2019 Walking in the Wild