Album covers

Ways And Needs Of A Night Horse

Ways And Needs album cover

Point Quiet

Point Quiet album cover

Picture: "Wild Horse Dusting" by Jerry Sintz


Deseronto cover

Picture: Railroad crossing in DeKalb, Illinois by Bas Smits


Band picture 2014

Roots in 't Groen, Geldrop, May 2015
(Ronald Rietman)

Zwarte Ruiter, Den Haag, February 2015
(Ronald Wichser)

Concerto, Amsterdam, December 2014
Brennels, Kraggenburg
Brennels, Kraggenburg, December 2011
(Auke van der Hoek)
Paard, Den Haag
De Roepaen, Ottersum, January 2011
(Peter Pricken)
Paradiso, Amsterdam
Paradiso, Amsterdam. July 2010
(Arthur van Schendel)
Paard, Den Haag
Paard, Den Haag, March 2010
(Peter de Hoog)
Grote Prijs van Nederland, Paradiso, Amsterdam
Grote Prijs van Nederland 2004, Paradiso, Amsterdam
NXNE, Toronto, Canada
NXNE 2005
(Bas Smits)
Pascal preparing for a gig
Pascal preparing for a gig, Burgerweeshuis, Deventer
Stage before a gig
Stage before a gig