Point Quiet - Archive / Live


10 April, Cambrinus, Horst

21 February, Paradox, Tilburg

29 January, Artishock, Soest


12 November, Luxor Live, Arnhem – With Theo Sieben

4 November, Live in de Knop, 't Rozenknopje, Eindhoven

25 October, Continental Road Show, Roots on the Road, Vanslag, Borger – With Amanda Pearcy, The Small Glories, David Corley, BettySoo & The Sideshow Tragedy

22 October, De Bunker, Gemert

18 October, Continental Road Show, Crossroads Radio, Vestzaktheater Het Zwijnshoofd, Bergen op Zoom – With Amanda Pearcy, The Small Glories, David Corley, BettySoo & The Sideshow Tragedy

17 October, Continental Road Show, In The Woods, Lage Vuursche – With Amanda Pearcy, The Small Glories, Jeff Finlin, David Corley & BettySoo

3 September, LantarenVenster, Rotterdam – Opening for Frazey Ford

9 August, De Compagnie, CHV Noordkade, Veghel

6 August, Grimhuysenpark, Ulvenhout

30 June, Live uit Lloyd, Radio Rijnmond

12 June, Paardcafé, Den Haag – With Mountaineer and Pavlov

20 May, Roots in 't Groen, 't Groen Koffiehuis, Geldrop

9 April, Quite Quiet, Rietveld Theater, Delft – With Gravel Town and Dusty Stray

25 February, De Zwarte Ruiter, Den Haag

February 22, Regentenkamer, Den Haag

9 February, Stork On Air, Den Haag FM, live radio show

5 February, Dokhuis Galerie, Amsterdam


12 December, Concerto, Amsterdam - instore gig

15 November, Dutch Decompression, Radion, Amsterdam

6 October, De Parel van Zuilen, Utrecht

7 August, Grimhuysenpark, Ulvenhout

25 May, Dit is de Dag, Radio 1 (Dutch national radio)


28 October, Club Calotte, Melkweg, Amsterdam. With: Will Sophie Band, Nanette Drazic, Theo Sieben and Laurens Joensen


 22 September, Groninger Museum Live by Wishful Music, Groningen. With Seamus Cater & Viljam Nybacka, October Gold and House of Wolves.

28 July, Paradiso, Amsterdam

28 May, Pinkster Culiance, Weert

27 February, Club Calotte, Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam

28 January, Wishful Music, Groningen


18 December, Sunday Roots Club, Oerkroeg Schiller, Aalten

11 December, 't Waarhuis, Aduarderzijl

3 December, Brennels, Kraggenburg

19 November, Festival Club Canapé, (Live In Your Living Room), Amsterdam – With Dazzled Kid

3 July, Paradiso, Amsterdam

4 May, Burgerweeshuis, Deventer

28 April, De Bunker, Gemert

6 March, De Vorstin, Hilversum

5 March, Pavlov, Radio 1 (Dutch national radio)

23 January, Roepaen, Ottersum, opening for Steve Wynn


9 December, Crossroads Session, Vestzaktheater Het Zwijnshoofd, Bergen op Zoom

20 October, Villa VPRO, Radio 1 (Dutch national radio)

16 August, De Oude Mol, Den Haag

6 August, Dicht Op Het Vuur, Noorderlicht (NDSM), Amsterdam

27 July, Paradiso, Amsterdam

5 July, Mogadishu Music Festival

26 April, Bellevue (Club Calotte), Amsterdam

16 April, Stork on Air, Omroep West, Rijswijk

8 April, Bitterzoet, Amsterdam

18 March, Paard van Troje, Den Haag, opening for Isbells

White Sands


2 November, Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam

14 April, Le Vagabond, Rotterdam

8 March, De Waag, Haarlem

23 January, Live in Your Living Room, Rotterdam


6 November, Popronde, De Uyl van Hoogland, Leiden

21 October, Haagse Pop Week, Lokaal Vredebreuk, Den Haag

12 June, 2008 Plato Presents, Grote Markt, Den Haag

29 April, Binnenach festival, Den Haag

15 March, Sounds, Rotterdam (instore gig)


15 December, Numoonfest, Rotterdam (theater Lantaren/Venster)

21 October, Acoustic Alley, Den Haag (supporting Fay Lovski)

7 October, Lokaal Vredebreuk, Den Haag

25 September, live session for Desmet live on Llink radio, Desmet Studios, Amsterdam

15 September, Haagse Pop Week, Centrale Bibliotheek, 3pm

13 September, Haagse Pop Week, Bibliotheek Segbroek, 3pm

26 July, Langweiligkeit Festival, Den Haag (Cafe September, 10pm)

28 April, Binnenach, Den Haag

22 April, Ruigoord, Amsterdam

10 April, Cafe Camelot, Nijmegen

7 April, Cafe Briljant, Haarlem

7 - 10 March, Canadian Music Week, Toronto, Canada

23 February, Paard van Troje, Den Haag

5 January, Stork on air, Radio West


9 December, Live in your Living Room, Rotterdam

1 December, Perron theater, Amsterdam, w/ Slau

21 November, Atlantis (cafe), Alkmaar

12 November, Lokaal Vredebreuk, Den Haag (Haagse Singer Songwriter Guild event)

6 October, Popronde, Den Bosch

21 September, Savanna, Den Haag (Haagse Singersongwriter Guild evening)

29 July, Plein Open, Grote Markt, Den Haag (14:00)

1 May, Rode Pimpernel, Den Bosch

25 March, Waterfront, Rotterdam - ZH Popunie compilation presentation

25 February, Paard KZ, Den Haag, Netherlands - support Smutfish


23 December, Paard Cafe, live session Radio West, Den Haag

1 December, Rode Laars Theater, Nijmegen

19 November, Crossing Border, Den Haag (Shelter @ Spuiplein)

18 October, Savanna - Haagse Pop Week, Den Haag

17 June, Manhattan Room, Philadelphia, PA

16 June, Arlene's Grocery, New York, NY

11 June, NXNE, Toronto, ON

26 May, Sound Garden, Amsterdam

10 May, Tuesday Night Music Club, Sappho, Amsterdam


17 December, Live Session on Radio West, Den Haag

4 December, Paradiso, Amsterdam - Finals Grote Prijs van Nederland

31 October, Radio session NCRV, Hilversum

26 September, Nighttown, Rotterdam

18 May, Paard Cafe, Den Haag

6 March, de Pater, Den Haag


25 November, Paradiso, Amsterdam - Finals Grote Prijs van Nederland