On The Plain

Living on the run, dying on the way
Cutting all your veins, and yet youíre standing there
Smiling softly, eyes like summer rain
You could have lived a century,
And never see her dance
Thatís why Iím here todayÖ

They told me about you
About that winter day
When tears went all dry
When you gave up the play
Roll and roll the thoughts in my brain
Could I have saved your life
If the right things had been said?
Thatís why Iím here todayÖ

Oh it comes and it hurts now and then
When I think about her pain
And the lonely days ahead
Oh Iíll go and hug her if I dared
But itís too late, and again,
Sheíll cry for you in the endÖ in the endÖ

Early morning bites, cold haze on the plain
My head is empty, Iím walking to your grave
I wish we stopped it, I know we should have helped
Could you live a century, and never see her dance?
Thatís why Iím here todayÖ