Written on Our Bones

And if I told you once again
On this morning full of rain
That my heart’s alive and well
Would you hold my shaking hand
And tell me your days are filled up with regrets
And tell me your nights, they seem to have no end at all
And your dreams are mine alone
And your nightmares will be gone, gone, gone
This is written on our bones

If the stars ever rise again
On this highway without end
If the moon carries your name
Would you scream mine if you can
And wake me up at last from this restless sleep
And let me have my soul back from the endless deep
And call for a reason to be born
For a dance within a storm
This is written on our bones

Now’s the moment to be scared
Now’s the moment to be free
Will you grab my begging hand?
Will you tell me how you feel?
And let the summer in
And let the twilight win